What About Better Chi After Clutter Clearing?

Dear Alison,

I came to your site via the Karen Kingston newsletter. I read her book almost a year and a half ago. At that time I had a lot of stuff I had moved all around the world. Especially books, vinyl albums and porcelain/china.

I always thought I could throw away things easily and I do, but discovered through this book that a lot of what I had, and kept, counted as clutter.

Since then I have thrown out a whole lot without any thought. My attic is almost empty, except for baby clothes, some toys and Xmas decorations.

Still I had lots left. I started selling my books via a Dutch Amazon.com. That helped me show what they were worth and which ones nobody wants. That makes it easier to give them away or throw them away. I have 2 sons – 18 and 15. I am 55. I keep a lot for them they do not want, I still have trouble throwing that out. It seems impractical when they have left the house. Why I do that if they do not want it, I do not know.

Besides that, I inherited stuff from my parents, some I love and some I do not. Still I keep some of what I do not like. Difficult to get rid of things my mother collected. I joined Postcrossing to get rid of all the vintage postcards that belonged to my grandmother. I could have sold them, but find that more difficult.

I have periods I get motivated to tackle this stuff. I need a reminder though, which is why I like to receive these newsletters from you.

One real problem I have is that I have too much furniture – antique cupboards I bought and inherited. What to do with them? I find that difficult as I like them all. So I find clutter clearing easy and difficult at the same time.

A question I have: The better chi Karen Kingston believes in. Have you noticed this? My house is less cluttered, but that is it really.

A reader, Breda, Netherlands

My reply:

I first came across ‘chi’ (Karen Kingston explains about it here) back at a feng shui workshop in the 90′s which is where I first heard of Karen. It all seemed pretty far out but my friend persuaded me to go and I went with an open-mind. I got persuaded when I came home after the weekend, made a few changes to my home, cleared a few things out and received $6,000 in the mail, met the man who was later to become my husband and got a promotion at work. All within a month.

My practical mind still won’t allow me to accept a woo-woo type explanation but I do believe we make our own ‘luck’ by the changes we make in our life and the attitude we bring. ‘Bring it. Own it’ is a motto of mine.

I’ve talked before on my Facebook page how having clutter around me makes me stressed, often at a subconscious level. I often don’t even notice how it bothers me until I clean up and start to feel so much calmer. It is like bathing in milk.

Another thing I have noticed is that clearing big things make a big difference and clearing small things a small difference. Many small things also add up but if you have big pieces of clutter they can overwhelm any efforts you are making in other areas.

Karen also talks about energy imprinting and at some level I can understand that too. Items are imbued with the energy of someone else when they have been owned previously. Just this weekend I bought napkins from the house clearing sale of someone who died. It has been necessary for me to wash them, bleach them, wash them again, starch and iron them before I could bring them to my table. Doing all that helped me clear the previous owners energy and start imprinting our own.

So in this case, I’m wondering if the fact there is too much furniture and it is antique furniture and it is inherited is weighing down the lightness that comes with clearing. Maybe that should be next?

Kind regards,


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