Can You Explain More About Lighting a Candle When You Finish a Room Please??

Janis asked me this on my Facebook page as I explained that after my 12 year-olds friends had left after a sleepover, I was going through the house ‘tidying, vacuuming, lighting candles as I finish each room.’

I have noticed that when I have people over to my house for something that is a big deal requiring preparation, planning and probably some cleaning, after they have gone I like nothing more than to put everything back the way it was. This can be a dinner party, a major afternoon tea, or an overnight visit. I’ve also noticed I like to do this when either the house has been too untidy for too long or when I’ve been travelling without my family and I’ve just returned home.

I usually start in my laundry and fold all the dried, washed clothes. When that’s done I move through the whole house room by room, doing all the things I described above as necessary. When I have finished each room I light a candle. I have a candle in every room for this very purpose.

Sweeping the house in this way is my way of reclaiming my territory. It’s a form of energy-clearing. I guess. I’m clearing the space of the energy of those no longer there and making a fresh start. The candle signifies both the end of the previous energy and the beginning of something new and also contributes to the cleansingprocess. It is a ritual I’ve performed for several years (ever since my kids were old enough to be around a lighted candle) and I always have two bags of candles stored upstairs and downstairs ready for use.

The candles I buy are inexpensive, used or unused, scented or not. I often buy them from rummage sales. The type of candle isn’t important. It is the flame of the candle and its symbolism that are essential to the ritual.