What is Your Preferred Method of Clearing Clutter?

There was a discussion this week about methods of getting rid of clutter. Some people liken it ‘pulling off a band-aid” and others prefer to do it more slowly by moving the item to a transition point before finally moving it out of the house.

I have done both and my perspective is that personality type and emotional connection to the item are the determining factors of each type of clearing. Possibly also ‘level of skill’ comes into it.

Some people are better than others at ruthlessly getting rid of things. They see it as a sharp pain, over quickly, followed by relief. I think this ‘short, sharp shock’ works well when there is no or little emotional attachment to the item. I also think that we get better at dealing with the pain of clutter-clearing once we’ve been at it a while and it has developed a momentum all of its own.

Personally, I am terribly sentimental and this can stall my clearing efforts. I can get agonized and overwhelmed. I lose my ability to make decisions so it works better for me to have a transition place to gather clutter, where it can stay for a period of time, where I tend to loosen my attachment to it, and can then take it to the skip or where-ever when I’m ready.

But I do get to the point where I’m ready. Perhaps another personality type that needs the band-aid approach is the person who never gets to that point and the items stay in the transition point for months and months, never making it out the door.

As I go through this one-a-day process, items to be donated are held in my garage. Once a quarter, a donation truck comes by and picks it all up. This is what works for me. Once it is out there it might as well be gone but it is a gentler process and one that I’ve honed over the years as working well for me. What about you? What kind of a clutter clearer are you? Do you prefer to ‘rip of a band-aid’ or do you prefer a gentler approach?