Month 3 Review: April

This month has been all about upgrading. It started with me bringing out my best cutlery for everyday use.

The thrill I got every time I opened my cutlery drawer and seeing this shiny cutlery sparkling back at me may be a testimony to my rather small life or the fact that I am easily pleased ;-) but nevertheless spurred me on to make more upgrades.

New-to-me napkins followed, new place mats, a sugar bowl, the list of upgrades went on. It even affected my husband who started throwing out and replacing items that he was “making do” with. He was so excited with his new shaver!

Many of my upgrade purchases took place at rummage and garage sales but a couple didn’t and possibly some would argue that I wasn’t reducing my clutter but I beg to differ.

I was getting rid of mind clutter – my upgrades give me a lift. I *love* having fresh, white, ironed and starched napkins for dinner instead of the crumpled, faded hankies we had before. I bought 30 of them from an estate sale so I will iron just once a month.

I was getting rid of so-so, past-their-best, unloved items and replacing them with bright and shiny ones. I recycled everything and added joy to my life. It was a good feeling and in my third month of this process, indicative I think, of a stage we pass through when we clear out clutter – we stop settling.

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