Day 7: Backpack & Lunchbag

clutter - nesting christmas boxes

I bought these somewhere like a garage sale, thinking they were so cute. That was years ago. They’ve sat at the top of the closet ever since. The boys like to unwrap gifts, they like to rip paper. I don’t think I’ll ever use them even though I still think they’re cute and even though it makes me sad, I’m donating them.

Update (5 mins later): Forget that. I’m keeping them. I’m going to put the tree decorations in them next year.

Instead I’m going for this cute pair:

This is the backpack Oliver took to Kindergarten. He’s now in 6th grade. I hadn’t realized it was this one until I started writing. He never used the lunch bag so it’s brand new. Happy memories! But it’s time to go…

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