Day 160: Dustbuster

I hankered after one of these for years and finally when the kids started eating solid food I thought I’d found the perfect excuse to buy one. I installed it in the garage (well, my husband did) and expected to use it regularly to clean up cheerios, crackers and the like from kids eating in the car (and lord knows, I needed something to help – we could have fed a family of rodents through several generations with the contents of our car seats.) What a huge disappointment! For ages, I meant to take it back to the retailer. I felt for sure it must be faulty. Surely, no company could sell a product that was so pathetic as this bloody thing? It ran out of power in about 45 seconds! I hardly had time to pick up under my car seat before it ran out and I didn’t eat in the car. It has languished on our garage wall since the toddler years, unused and a constant reminder of dashed dreams. Donated – just in case I was wrong and it really is working as intended.

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