Day 121: Thomas The Tank Engine Train Track, Buildings, Trains, Table

It stretched throughout our family room, no floor space was free.

This may be the biggest, most sentimental thing I get rid of this year – our huge Thomas The Tank Engine set. We gave all the track, buildings, trains and cars along with the train table and two rolling sets of drawers went to a relative. We’d had it all for about 10 years. I would buy pieces on eBay and had quite an unhealthy obsession with getting ‘a deal’ for a while and it was definitely a way for me to infuse some of jolly ole’ England into the boys life in the absence of visits there.

This cargo was my first eBay purchase. I was so nervous when I placed my first bid. And I got way too much. But I dipped my toes in and got them wet.

The thrill of a new building or train or special piece of track was wonderful and the boys were the envy of their friends because of the large set. We would spend hours and hours building track – I had a rule that they could keep it up at the end of the day, often many days, as long as they cleaned up loose pieces and didn’t have any odd trains lying around off the track. Often we’d spend two weeks, tiptoeing over their latest creation.

This was the first building I bought. Cost me $14. Bit beaten up and I got a lot better with my eBay skills but this was the piece I kept back for myself.

Over the years they had played with it less and less and when I realized last Christmas that our relatives kids had been the last people to play with it a year prior, I knew it was time to let go. We spent some time discussing how we would do it and over the course of a two week period assembled everything, took pictures and chose the one or two pieces we would keep for ourselves.

I had a few tears when it was all done and cleaned that which needed a wipe over ready for the new owners. It was a great process of closure, no regrets and happy memories. Gifted.

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