Day 1: 6 Children’s Books


My first day. I am still working on the rules. Does 6 books count as 6 days or one? I decided one. I have some anxieties about this project. Will I run out of stuff to toss? I am not a hoarder or a clutterholic. I don’t have every surface filled with junk. But judging by my rummage sale spending spree last weekend, stuff does come into this house at a steady rate and surely, stuff needs to go out too.

Will I run out of steam? Will it take too much time? Will it achieve what I want – to release things out into the universe we no longer need?

I’m hoping it will provide a pictoral history of our history. Could this be my version of scrapbooking? Maybe. Am I just weird? Quite possibly.

Hmmm, we’ll see. But for now, let’s go. See where this takes us.

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