Day 996: Fly Screens

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Another upgrade these past few weeks has been to wash our windows inside, outside and even between the panes (it has been that long since we last had them washed that the spiders had taken up residence between the double glazing). These fly screens are old, ugly but it wasn’t until the window washers with [...]

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Day 995: Sunglasses Strings

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Another blast from the past for my husband. He wore these all the time when I first met him. They were strings for his sunglasses and he wore them when he went skiing or driving in his convertible. Both are now long gone, replaced by a non-skiing wife and kids, and a more suitable executive-type [...]

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Day 994: Holdall

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This holds many memories for my husband. He used it a lot for carrying his work, his work out clothes and any manner of skiing essentials. The company he got it from has a story and many memories for him too. Quite a milestone to throw it out. It is at least 20 years old. [...]

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Day 993: Broken Headphones

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Ahh, headphones. What a boon they were. I like peace. Everyone else wants to watch the TV. Or have it on while they do something else. With these headphones we could all be happy. Pity they broke. Trashed.

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Day 992: Window Hangers

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Ahh, these take me back. When our twins were very little, a fellow twin mom said she calmed herself down with paint by numbers kits. So, even though I bought these for the boys to do when they were about three, I ended up painting these and they’ve hung in our laundry ever since. I’ve [...]

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Day 991: Cables

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Some kind of cable. I know not what. Donated.

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Day 990: Handkerchiefs

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Lovingly ironed by yours truly but rarely used. Recycled because I though no-one wants someone’s old hankies. Do they?

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Day 989: Play Prop

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You can’t see this behind the good luck telegrams but this is a box painted to look like a 1950s TV. It was a prop in the production of Damn Yankees that our son was in. I’m loathe to see it go but how long do you hold onto these kinds of large memorabilia? Recycled.

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Day 988: Very Old Cards & Book

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More old things found behind furniture moved out to make way for new carpet. Old cards and a very old book. Recycled and donated.

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Day 987: Wii Keyboard

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This was a much-loved birthday present a few years ago. The kids were quite little and had just got a Wii when they were quite new and so acquired a high ranking status among their friends. Then one of their guests whose mom worked at the company gave them one of these keyboards and suddenly [...]

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